Becoming a flight attendant in South Africa opens up a world of adventure. Your job would entail providing exceptionable service to airline passengers traveling to and from the southern tip of Africa. Multilingual skills are advantageous in communicating with passengers from all parts of the world. Most flight attendant jobs are available with South Africa’s major carrier, South African Airways and its subsidiaries. Additionally, dozens of airlines service South Africa, which would give you time to explore this beautiful nation on your layovers. Hiring criteria varies by airline.

South African Airways

South African Airways is the largest airline in South Africa. To be considered for employment with this government-owned airline, applicants must meet the minimum qualifications of being a South African citizen, at least 5’2” tall, proficient in English speaking and writing, physically fit, and a strong swimmer in case of emergency landings over water. Educational requirements include a high school diploma or grade 12 certificate. As a brand ambassador for the airlines and South Africa, you must be well groomed, friendly, and service oriented. You will also be expected to have stamina and an ability to handle fatigue because flight attendants work long hours in sometimes stressful conditions.

Other Airlines

South Africa is an attractive destination spot offering exhilarating safaris, breathtaking views and opportunities to study Nelson Mandela’s legacy. Not surprisingly, airline hubs in South Africa are used by dozens of international airlines, which hire flight attendants, so that’s another option to consider. Job opportunities can also be found with the smaller passenger airlines that operate out of South Africa, such as Mango, a subsidiary of South African Airways, as well as Safair and Kulua airlines.

Flight Crew Training

Competition is stiff for flight attendant jobs in South Africa. Although there are no guarantees of employment, aspiring flight attendants may find it advantageous to complete a flight crew training program approved by the South Africa Civil Aviation Authority. Flight crew training includes hands on experience in an airplane or cabin simulator to help students master first-aid and life saving techniques. Many commercial schools are located in Johannesburg, including the South African Airways training course. Graduates of the 42-day South African Airways Cabin Crew Training program are added to SAA’s human resources data base for consideration when flight attendant jobs open in the future. Programs like Cranfield Aviation training offer CV assistance and information on aircraft hiring.

Class II Medical Certification

Like pilots, flight attendants in South Africa must be deemed fit for the demands of airline travel. Anyone interested in seeking flight attendant training or employment must first obtain a Class II Medical certificate, which entails passing a physical examination. The exam has to be performed by a doctor who is on the list of medical examiners approved by the South Africa Civil Aviation Authority. Health and physical fitness are essential to cope with issues that can arise with high altitude flying such as dehydration, steady noise, decompression syndrome, hypoxia and spatial disorientation. Helping passengers and remaining calm when handling a crisis necessitates medical knowledge and physical strength

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